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Prospective Graduate Students

The University of Tennessee chemistry graduate program offers a stimulating environment for the training of the next generation of scientists. The department consists of over 30 faculty members and ~ 100 graduate students with research interests spanning the traditional chemical disciplines, as well as cutting edge interdisciplinary work, such as bio-organic chemistry and chemical physics. The program also benefits from the strong local research infrastructure in Knoxville.

Students interested in The University of Tennessee chemistry graduate program are strongly encouraged to submit an application. Details about the application process and requirements can be found here. Also, the UT chemistry department is pleased to organize visits by prospective students. Those who are interested in taking advantage of this may contact Dr. Best in order to arrange a visit. Finally, candidates interested in the program should not hesitate to contact Dr. Best or the other faculty members regarding any questions they may have.

UT Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students at The University of Tennessee are strongly encouraged to partake in undergraduate research. Through this experience, students are able to develop a range of skills that can help them be successful regardless of their career choice, to enhance their resume, and to have a lot of fun working with fellow chemistry enthusiasts in the laboratory. Students receive a grade and university credits by taking either Chem 200, “Introduction to Chemical Research” or Chem 400, “Research in Chemistry”. Any students interested in undergraduate research in chemistry may contact Dr. Best or other UT faculty members to learn more details about the program.

Undergraduate Students

The University of Tennessee chemistry department supports summer undergraduate research fellowships for external undergraduate students interested in obtaining experience in research. The program provides stipends and housing to participants. Details about the program and the application process can be found here. Students interested in this program are encouraged to contact Dr. Best.

Post-doctoral Research Associates

Researchers who hold a Ph.D. degree in chemistry with a focus on either bio-organic or synthetic organic chemistry may apply for a post-doctoral position in the Best group. Applicants should submit a CV that contains a list of reference contacts familiar with the candidate’s credentials. While the availability of post-doctoral positions in the lab depends on a variety of factors, those who are interested are encouraged to submit a CV to Dr. Best. If a position is not available at the time of submission, CVs will be kept on file for future consideration.